About Us

We love the beach, environmental sustainability and art. Sole Cottage brings these passions to life.

Hi, good to meet you! We are Stacey and Dan, owners of Sole Cottage. We are both New Jersey natives. With the ocean in our backyard we have always been drawn to the water for our vacations. We feel there is nothing quite like the ocean to center yourself and recharge.


We have visited countless Jersey shore towns over the years, so when we discovered Villas we couldn't believe the quiet beaches, amazing natural wonders (migratory birds! horseshoe crabs! monarchs!) and the ability to have an entire little house to yourself that is walkable to the sand. Our two children also love to splash in the tide pools and walk out far into the water at low tide, something that is so special to the Bay. We knew we needed to find our own little slice of heaven here, and create a unique rental experience you won't find anywhere else.


Dan is an engineer, Stacey is an artist. Together as a family we have a passion for art and nature which is woven into every aspect of the cottage. From local artists' work and naturalist books adoring the space, to the music, yoga and meditation materials for your use, we have curated so many treasures to help you unplug, unwind and connect back in to yourself, one another and the natural world surrounding you.


We also take environmental preservation seriously - Stacey worked for an environmental nonprofit for over a decade. So every decision made about Sole Cottage was done as sustainably as possible. You'll find many antique, vintage and reclaimed touches, as well as water and energy conservation features in the space. We wanted every decision we made about the Cottage to help protect the natural world we love so much. See our renovation journey on social media: @SoleCottage


The entire Cape May area is filled to the brim with amazing things to do, and you get to come home to the beauty and tranquility that the Bay and Villas offer. We can't wait to share Sole Cottage with you.